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What is a cookie?
Cookie should be referred as little packets of data which are created when the user will visit Payday Click via a particular browser. These small files will usually get stored in the computer hard drive of the user. So, the information contained in the cookie will be unique from that particular web page server which is basically the computer that operates the website. Whenever this website has been visited by the user, the server will retrieve the information from the cookie.

Without the usage of cookie Payday Click will not be able t remember the user of this website. Cookies are small files which remain in encrypted form and will occupy very little space in the computer. These data files are harmless in nature and thus can be allowed to get stored in the computer. These files ensure faster navigation from one page to another page of the website.

To improve the performance of website like Payday Click cookies are mainly used. In short these small files are required to ensure that the user should have better experience next time. This is an importantly functionality which has been installed in almost all websites with the flexibility that the same can disabled if the user don't want to continue using cookies while accessing a particular website.

If cookies are not used by website then it would always think you are a new visitor. So, to make access of this website smooth and swift for you, cookies are applied in accordance to our privacy policy. Cookies basically comprise some unique identifiers, the site name, digits and numbers. Cookies will help the website customize its settings according to the preferences of the user. The personal identifiable details will not be collected by the cookie rather will respond to him or her as an individual.

What are the uses of cookies?
Payday Click applies cookies in order to get information related browsing of this site by the user. In short cookies enable the website to identify the pages which have been visited by the user. Moreover the visitor traffic to this site can also be known. So, the total number of visitor to this site can be evaluated beside other details like the overall access time of this site, browser type and language, other sites which have been accessed by the user.

Cookies are programmed to save browsing time and to make browsing efficient and enjoyable. Sometimes for marketing purposes also these small files are added as an important feature to the website.

Disabling of cookies:
The user prevent cookies from saving information about him or her by adjusting the browser settings accordingly.


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